We cannot offer anything but verbal praise for Sobell Rhodes LLP. We commend the overall performance, behaviour and attitude of anyone associated with the company. It is commonly thought that within the Banking/Finance industry, money is the bottom line and we feel like we have made a really wise investment in Sobell Rhodes LLP.

I feel confident with Selwyn that I am properly in control of my own financial affairs and there is somebody giving me really good advice that saves us money and guides me through the accountancy maze.

Michael takes the time to fully comprehend our business, makes suggestions and looks at things from all angles to decide on the best approach to our accounts, making sense and bringing management tools for us. He also gives freely of his time to proactively determine how he can help, over and above the accounting side of things and makes personal high level introductions to benefit our business. The firm could not be friendlier, more personable or more professional if they tried.
Lesley Anne Rubenstein-Pessok LAR Consultancy Ltd

Working with you over the past five years has been a real pleasure and the most exciting time for New i.d. It is your amazing coaching and financial advice that has enabled us to expand my business to such an extent that 2016 will be our best year for turnover but more importantly you have drummed into us the importance of the margin we make. You are the best example of how someone should work the BNI process, the amount you give is second to none and I know that through this philosophy you have grown Sobell Rhodes not only in size but in reputation as well. Givers gain is your motto and you are proof that it works. Once again thank you for all the help, guidance and advice you give personally as well.
Daniel Caplan New i.d.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team at Sobell Rhodes for all the help and support Guy and I have received over the last couple of years. Sobell Rhodes is so much more than accountants - not only do you look after our business but we are made to feel that you care greatly and look after us as well. You all really do go above and beyond the "job description".
Kate Tilston

Over the years I have worked with several accountants who in my opinion just seemed to see me as an easy buck". My job means that meetings to sort financial matters out are very difficult to organise and I was looking for someone who could work around my lifestyle and was also proactive whilst away!With Sobell Rhodes I finally feel that my accountant is working for my benefit. I can go away safe in the knowledge that they will do whatever is required but at all times keep me in the loop. They have made it their business to understand my business and by doing that have changed my perception of accountants. Sobell Rhodes go that extra mile and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Guy Tilston

I have known Andrew for 10 years and have always trusted him with my business. His advice has always been spot on, his care has been very personal and he has taken as much time as I needed to advise and support me. Through business coaching Andrew helped me to create a strategy for my business going forward. As a result I have increased my business by more than 50%. Without Andrew's help and support over the years and particularly since I have received his coaching, I would not have had the confidence to sustain my business. Andrew's support is invaluable to keeping me buoyant and motivated. I would not only recommend Andrew as a superlative accountant but as an inspiring and motivating business coach.
Francine Kaye

I've learnt so much in such a short space of time, and again, it's the manner in which you guys approach problems. An absolute inspiration. I consider your actions and those of your staff quite remarkable and without the intervention and advice of Sobell Rhodes I sincerely believe KJT would not be in the position to move forward and enjoy getting back to what we do best - British Manufacture !!
Marc Thody KJT

When I first started with Andrew for creating some business strategies, I had no idea what was the purpose of the filling in questionnaire in your hi-tech software. Also I was unsure where those long exercises will lead me up to. With lots of confusion at the time, I trusted my instinct to just do what you were saying without any doubt.and thank g-d I did! Andrew you are constantly helping me to deliver better services for my clients. I have never realised the power of asking feedback and doing surveys to know my clients better and deliver them a service at highest standard. Even though, I am off my path occasionally, your deep belief in my services and me, pulls me like a magnet and I get back on my mission. More importantly, with your help and support in very difficult personal time, I am still able to focus on my BIGGER PURPOSE of creating Vitality Health Clinic; which is to eliminate the threat of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases across the world and spreading the message of Lifestyle Transformation across the world. Your own success in business by creating an award winning accountancy service along with your personality and strong positive attitude drive me to continue to trust your advice. Although quite not there yet, confidence and HOPE I have earned with your 'Strategic Planning' is invaluable. I am sure that my second part of testimony after a massive success of Vitality, will be following soon so watch this space! My highest recommendation will be always with you and your services. With deepest gratitude I completely owe my success to you. Thank you.
Pranita Salunke Vitality Health Clinic

As far as I am concerned, I have always received impeccable service from Selwyn Arnold, Jayne Fielding and Stephanie. My queries are immediately answered by Selwyn Arnold either by e-mail or phone. The company is extremely professional and responsive, and I would most certainly recommend Sobell Rhodes to a friend.
Linda Roles