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Profit Dashboarding Zero

When making profitable decisions, entrepreneurs normally have zero interest in spreadsheets!

What is an accounting dashboard?

And do you need one?

Not every business owner is comfortable with spreadsheets. Many of our clients don’t just want a set of accounts, they want the data to be turned into insights to help them make informed business decisions.

This is where a financial dashboard can be of enormous value.

Making Profitable Decisions

As proactive accountants, we can help you identify the software best suited to the size and nature of your business. The aim is to let you link in one place data from multiple sources so you can see clearly at any one moment what the exact situation is.

Some information will be in your accounts but other important details could be siloed in your inventory or your CRM system.

Simple, intelligible graphics make it easy to identify and assess any issues you may be facing.

Equally, if you are able to see all incoming payments and all outgoing expenses instantly translated into a graph of month-by-month cash flow and/or profit and loss, this sort of data visualisation can bring startling insights to light. It is financial modelling by another name.

Because the data can be sliced and diced in different ways, it allows you to look into the future and ask all the ‘what if’ questions.
What if I put up prices?
What if my direct costs increase by 10%, 20%, 30%?
What if my overheads decrease?
And so on.

It is an action planner on your mobile phone or your tablet for whenever you want it or wherever you are. We encourage every client who comes to us for business consultancy to use keep track of their businesses with a custom-built dashboard. Especially those who don’t like numbers.

Jeremy on Data Visualisation

Here Business Intelligence Partner Jeremy Leboff talks briefly about data visualisation.

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Accounts - Customer Business Intelleigence

Example dynamic dashboard analysing sales and gross profit, taking data from various sources.

Accounts - Business Intelleigence

Example dynamic dashboard to help clients analyse productivity of their team.

Our services include:

Financial modelling

Dashboarding has a useful role to play in financial modelling but is not the only ingredient.

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The more detailed and precise the model, the more complex it will be. From the outset we try to keep things simple while still making sure all the elements are in place to let you make informed decisions.

We work with our clients to:
1. Identify the business problem.
2. Establish the KPIs and ambitions.
3. Plan the model.
4. Stress test the build.

IT Consultancy and Support

At Sobell Rhodes we are ahead of the curve in the adoption of new technology to solve our clients’ problems.
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As well as being early adopters of BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard software, we are currently pioneering AI techniques to help us improve efficiency and deliver more value by letting the systems take over some of the decision-making.

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