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£ Outsourcing FD/CFO

How can an outsourced CFO help you grow?

In businesses large enough to have a CFO, the role is an important one. They are the people who develop the finance strategies to support the company’s principal business objectives. They establish budgets, have a say on pricing, predict likely financial outcomes from the decisions you make today and deal with all matters of due diligence in between. The good ones keep up with the latest advances in technology and will, for instance, have a view on the impact of AI on how the business operates.

Most estimates put a CFO’s salary at £130,000 plus. It means that few businesses turning over £5m or less can afford to have an in-house finance specialist of their own. It is also why dozens of owner-managed businesses look to us for financial expertise.

We give them someone to talk to. Not just someone who can add immense value to the business with their specialist skills but someone who helps them sleep better at night.

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Jeremy Leboff

“You have to ask serious questions before you look at bringing in a Chief Financial Officer”

Jeremy is a Senior Partner at Sobell Rhodes
levels of support

Every business is unique, which is why every outsource package we put together is different to. Depending on the size of your operation and how much support you need, we have three tiers of outsourced financial capability.

While you can expect some help in each tier with strategic planning, forecasting, compliance and tech and software capabilities and even personal wealth management, there are degrees.

Basic - Finance Manager

Basic is equivalent to having a Financial Controller to take an overview of your business and spend some time helping you clarify your position and the decisions you need to make.

Essential - Finance Director

Essential is having your very own outsourced Finance Director, someone who can bring an element of control to your finances and give advice about the financial consequences of decisions you make around pricing or marketing and sales.

Premium - CFO

Premium, the top level, brings you CFO-level support across the business. You can expect to be introduced to financial modelling and quarterly reports in which we’d use dashboarding to look at both the parts of the business that are doing well and those that aren’t. Budgeting, cost-cutting, forecasting and funding would be among the services. Acquisitions and mergers too.
Chart of Services

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Our services include:

Technology Sector Specialists

We provide support and advice to entrepreneurial start-ups and to venture-backed companies that are scaling at speed. Our experience and expertise ensure you have the correct structures, financial controls and business support to achieve your goals.
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Because we recognise how busy you are managing your business, our approach is tailored to your schedule.

Financial Modelling

3-way forecasting is a mathematically complex analysis of your cash-flow, your profit and loss account and your balance sheet.
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The technology (plus the sophisticated brainpower of your outsourced CFO) can reveal business opportunities you may never have considered before.

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No costs, no obligations, no nonsense