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Personal Accountant

Need a specialist personal accountant to help manage your wealth?

we help entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals.

we are masters of proactive accountancy.

we become your partner, not just an accountant.

At Sobell Rhodes, our specialist team of personal accounts accountants prepares for entrepreneurs and individuals of high net-worth all their financial statements, from tax returns to balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. However, as proactive accountants, we don’t just report on the numbers. With our experience and expertise in the sector, we can help you manage your wealth and plan for the future.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Why do you need a specialist personal accountant?

We provide support and advice to entrepreneurs and individuals who have built lucrative businesses.

Our experience and expertise in helping people manage their financial transactions and important life events ensure you have the correct structures, financial controls and business support to achieve your goals.

Because we recognise that successful people are always busy, our approach is tailored to your busy schedule.

You do not need to change accountants to work with us on your financial strategy and planning.

The advantages of a ‘proactive’ accountant.

Peace of mind

We have all the latest software, we have award-winning expertise and we are known for outstanding customer service but what you really want is to sleep at night knowing your accounts are in good order. And that is the very least we provide.

For Limited Companies
we prepare accounts to comply with the Companies Act disclosure requirements, just the way HMRC likes them.

For Partnerships
we prepare accounts to include a Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Partners’ Capital accounts.

For Sole Traders
we can produce the annual accounts either as a Profit and Loss statement or in Income to Expenditure format.

No last minute panics

We are up to date with the latest rules and regulations. And we are industry leaders in our understanding of new technology and software systems. It means we are organised as well as detailed.

Getting a request for invoices and bills just a week or two before your year-end is not good for your equilibrium.

Time to think

A proactive accountant saves you money. And, perhaps more importantly, time. We’ll get your accounts sorted well before they are due so you have the opportunity to plan for the year ahead. In addition, our quarterly reviews can help keep you focused on medium to long-term KPIs rather than overreacting to short-term pressures.

Sound advice

Many accountants will do exactly what is required by HMRC. They’ll tick the boxes but do no more than that.

As proactive accountants we go further. If you’re open to it, we can advise you on improving your processes to save money. Then we can help you work out where to invest. Maybe in IT, maybe in HR.

We can help you set up new companies and dispose of others. We can help you build your organisation and we can help you sell it.

Make informed descisions

Most of our clients come to us because they need their accounts done professionally and smoothly.

They stay with us because we do so much more. We create the mental space for them in which they can make careful, considered decisions.

We help implement those decisions. And review them. And adjust accordingly.

If you’d like to know more about how you can benefit individually from our services, please book a 15-minute Discovery Call.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense