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Inheritance Tax Accountants

Inheritance Tax planning with Sobell Rhodes will save you 40% of transferred wealth because: 

we know that Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be much more complex than people realise

the threshold above which IHT is payable is easier to exceed today than ever before

We work alongside your personal financial advisors to reduce your IHT liabilities

You don't want to leave your loved ones with unexpected tax liabilities and worry

At Sobell Rhodes we have helped enough people save money on their tax liabilities to know that tax planning is not just about money. It’s also about family. Many people, and not necessarily in the later stages of life, are surprised to find how complex their tax position has become.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Effective Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about what happens to your assets when you pass on, it’s about how you put your money to work now.

For instance, you may want to put a deposit down on a flat or a house for a son or a daughter. Or pay the school fees for a grandchild.

You may want to give some of your wealth away or you may want to put money in a trust.

You may want to ensure you have enough funds to support your later years.

Whatever your individual circumstances, we can talk you through the many options to make the decisions that are right for you.

If you don’t do anything, your heirs could lose 40% of your estate to the tax man.

As award-winning proactive accountants, we take pride in helping our clients save money.

Our services cover:

Inheritance Tax

Currently, if your net worth is more than £325,000 through property, savings, investments and other assets, everything over that sum (called the nil rate band) is taxed at 40% unless you make provision now to minimise those liabilities.

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We will work with you on your personal tax plan, making sure you keep enough to live on comfortably while making provision for others close to you.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT gets charged when you make a profit from the sale of shares, funds, business assets and even property, if it’s not your main home.
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If you’ve invested in the stock market, you could be liable. In fact, HMRC is currently pursuing £10 billion it is owed. However, depending on the circumstances, there are ways of reducing your bill. We can guide you through all the relevant reliefs and allowances.

Tax investigations

You don’t have to have exhibited unusual financial activity to become the subject of a tax investigation. Though HMRC does have ingenious software to detect illicit behaviour, individuals as well as companies often get selected at random.
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This can be extremely stressful let alone disruptive to your business and to your life.

Our Tax Investigation Service does more than cover all the additional costs involved, it guarantees you will be dealing with people you know and trust who can represent you skilfully.


Many solicitors and legal firms trust us as their accountants. Many also come to us for advice. Family affairs can be difficult, especially in the case of divorce.

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If you have any questions about the tax implications involved when a marriage ends, from the valuation of a pension through to the transfer of ownership of property and other assets, we can provide valuable guidance.


You know you need a lawyer in the sorry event of divorce. But why an accountant? Well, when a marriage ends, the financial implications can be both complicated and messy.

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You need clear and considered advice at a time when emotions can, perhaps, make things even more difficult. Many solicitors ask for our help because our forensic skills bring transparency to the proceedings. We help people get the settlements they fairly deserve.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense