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Global Impact 1m Days

Our Global Impact Goal is…

to provide 1 million days of help around the world by 2030

to tackle hunger, poverty, illness, injustice, climate change

and other key challenges facing humanity and our planet

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to go beyond profits and actively contribute to the betterment of society.

So we have aligned our businesses processes and goals with social causes that have meaning for our teams and our customers.

The map below shows where in the world we have already made a difference.

Here’s why

Why set a Global Impact Goal? – Because, in addition to everything we already do at home, we also want to have a bigger impact globally.
Why 1 million days? – Because we all need to step up and we want to play a leadership role in that.
Why globally? – Because we face global challenges on an unprecedented scale and that requires global action.
Why 2030? – Because that is the deadline for the Global Goals (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals or ‘SDGs’).
Why us? – Because governments can’t do this on their own, and our team want us to play a leadership role here too.

And on top of all of that, research suggests that purpose-driven businesses are more energised, productive and successful.  

Here’s how

The real heroes here are you… our clients, team members and the rest of the wonderful Sobell Rhodes “family”.

And that’s because this is all driven by you… since every time we do something valuable together… we use part of the value created to fund a small act of kindness on your behalf through our partnership with the B1G1 Global Impact Initiative.

For example…

… every time you ask us to produce your annual accounts …we fund a day of financial and business training to help build a sustainable business and livelihood for a disadvantaged family

… every time you ask us to do your tax return …we fund enough grain to grow into a month’s worth of food for a child

… and at the end of every meeting …everyone at the meeting decides whether we fund trees to tackle climate change, healthcare for Ukrainian children, musical instruments for disadvantaged youngsters in the UK or some other life-changing help for animals, children and families

These are just a few examples of the many ways that, just by doing what you normally do with us, you help us make a profound and lasting difference across the world… and you move us ever closer to our Global Impact Goal of providing a million days of help.

Our Global Impact by project

Through B1G1 we keep track of our progress via this independently verified real time data.

Our Global Impact by UN Global Goal