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Forensic Accountant 3

3 factors that contribute to a growing need for forensic accountancy

Commercial disputes account for 50% of all litigation in the UK.

Digital fraud is on the rise.

Divorce rates are increasing.

The world is becoming more complex. Today, in civil, criminal and divorce proceedings, it pays to have experts take a look at what you are doing in case there are irregularities and inaccuracies that will cost you later.

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What is a forensic accountant?

Forensic accountants are specialists in the art and the science of tracking down hidden or missing money and determining how to recover it. Regrettably, many people and business owners wait too long before calling in help.

If identifying and interpreting the evidence of misconduct is an art, we also value the science of computer-assisted audit scanning to reveal anomalies.

Victims of fraud lost £1.3 billion in 2021. Not just individuals who were tricked. 56% of UK firms say they experienced economic crime. Now, technology may be part of the problem but it is also the solution and with Sobell Rhodes IT Solutions Ltd we are pioneers of AI-powered screening and cloud computing.

It is through the clarity of our reporting, concise and jargon-free, that we bring transparency to opaque business situations. Often our report is enough to encourage an out-of-court settlement. Senior Partner Melvyn Sobell is an accredited mediator of CEDR (The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) and is highly skilled in bringing combative opponents to a mutually agreed settlement.

If matters do go to court, our specialists are accustomed to testifying as expert witnesses.

You don’t need to change your accountant

If for any reason you or your solicitor think you need forensic help, you don’t have to terminate your relationship with your existing accountant. The relationship with us will be through your lawyer.

We can give you specialist support for your specific situation, leaving your accountant to continue filing your annual returns.

A 15-minute call with one of our Partners will establish exactly what sort of support you need and how it can best be managed.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

What our clients say about us

Our services include

Fraud and other investigations

Because the documentation has been falsified or even destroyed, fraud investigations are almost always complex. Just finding out how much money has been siphoned off is not always easy.

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Artificial intelligence augmented by human brainpower allows us to interpret the movement of money to either support or challenge any allegation of wrongdoing.
Few legal professionals have the skillset for this sort of deepdive analysis, which is why they come to us.

Partnership Disputes

When owners of a business fall out (or get divorced) there are serious financial implications. We help keep matters from getting out of hand by providing independent and objective valuations of the business and the shares issued.
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When a director or shareholder leaves or retires, they may feel they are not being fairly treated. Our neutral assessment of the situation can save all parties a lot of pain as well as substantial legal fees.


When a marriage ends, the financial implications can be both complicated and messy. You need clear and considered advice at a time when emotions can, perhaps, make things even more difficult.
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If a spouse is hiding assets offshore or is trying to lose money through false accounting in his or her business, then our role is to bring transparency to the proceedings. And transparency in this context is another word for fairness.

IT Consultancy and Support

At Sobell Rhodes we are ahead of the curve in the adoption of new technology to solve our clients’ problems.

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As well as being able to train other accountancy firms in the use of software systems such as Xero, Sage, and QuickBooks we are pioneering AI techniques to help us rapidly identify anomalies in any audit.

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