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Inheritance Tax Accountants

3 reason why you should use a proactive accountant if you are facing a tax investigation:

Feel confident working with tax experts that have helped many clients to successfully eliminate or minimise any additional tax liabilities

It will cost you nothing if you use our Tax Investigation Insurance

We minimise your stress and time requirements by dealing with HMRC`s enquiries promptly and effectively

At Sobell Rhodes, we know how alarming it can be to receive a letter from HMRC saying they want to open an investigation. When this happens to any of our clients, our first job is to calm them down. Many of these reviews are random. You have nothing to worry about if you’ve been keeping your accounts under control. It’s just that it can be time consuming and stressful.

The second thing we’d do, if we were acting for you, is to establish if the enquiry is related to a specific aspect of your tax return or whether it is a more general examination of your affairs.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Addressing a Tax Investigation

Sometimes, the investigation can be the result of a small mistake, a box unticked or a piece of information not provided. With the right documentation we can get this resolved rapidly. Sometimes, perfectly innocent behaviour can look suspicious. Being late with your returns, for instance, can look as if you have something to hide and may trigger an inspection.

We offer a low-cost Tax Investigation Service which pays for all our costs and provides a 24hr legal helpline.  

We can translate into plain English the questions HMRC ask and manage the conversation for you to minimise the impact it may have on both your business and personal life. Of course, this presumes that you are not at fault.

You may be penalised if you:
  a. made a mistake.
  b. failed to take reasonable care in a previous return.
  c. deliberately left out important information.
  d. deliberately left out information and tried to conceal it. 

If you are culpable in any way, we will negotiate with HMRC on your behalf in order to minimise any interest and penalties.

Our services cover:

Undeclared tax

There are many different reasons why individuals don’t tell HMRC about all their income.

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  • They don’t realise they are bound by law to declare it.
  • They aren’t sure how to declare it and so they don’t.
  • They don’t declare it because they can’t pay the tax on it.

If you’ve been making money renting out a room or a property, if you’ve been freelancing on the side, if you’ve made money on the sale of goods or shares, HMRC want to know about it. And it’s much, much better to tell them than for them to find out about it.

It’s the same for business owners.

  • They don’t always declare their foreign income.
  • They have been paying less tax than they should,
  • They are behind with their tax.

Our team of specialists can provide you with both advice and a plan of action to help you what might otherwise be a challenging situation. 

Tax Compliance

The best way to avoid an HMRC investigation is by minimising your exposure to the risk of it happening. Sobell Rhodes is a proactive accountancy firm.

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That means we take the time to get to know you and to understand fully the issues you face. In preparing your tax returns, we know exactly how HMRC likes them. And how they don’t.

Appointing us as your accountants won’t completely eliminate the chance of investigation but it will significantly reduce it.

Forensic Accounting

Though you are more likely to hire forensic accountants after you suspect fraud or embezzlement, some of our clients work with us to plan how best to avoid fraud occurring in the first place.
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Our specialist group of financial detectives know exactly where to look in complicated financial datasets to uncover wrongdoing. We train other firms in the use of the most up-to-date software of forensic accounting and we are used to appearing in court to give evidence on behalf of our clients.

Tax on Foreign Income

We advise companies on a wide range of issues if they are expanding into the UK or opening up a new office abroad.

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For instance, to help you avoid being taxed in two countries, we can help you apply for Double Taxation relief or for exemption from UK tax altogether.

As an individual, if you spend 183 days or more in the UK each year, then HMRC will want a portion of whatever money you make abroad, including wages, foreign investments or savings schemes, rental or pension income.

There are, however, exemptions and exceptions and we can help you identify and take advantage of these.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense