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3 essential Bookkeeping reasons

3 essential reasons for good bookkeeping and management accounting

Good bookkeeping ensures your raw financial data is processed accurately

Good management accounting turns financial data into meaningful information and insights to help you run your business in the most effective way

Good bookkeepers and management accountants save you time and help you make more money

Bookkeeping is a must whatever your business.  It is essential to accurately record all your transactions, so you know the financial state of your business, and provide accurate data for HMRC and Companies House.

Management accounts take your bookkeeping data and distills information and insights to help inform your future commercial decisions and increase your profitability.

At Sobell Rhodes, our proactive team of bookkeepers and management accountants will help you every step of the way.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Bookkeeping first

Bookkeeping is a must for any business. You have to submit a tax return by law. It is the record of all your financial transactions for the year and it is important that the numbers you submit to HMRC are both accurate and coherent. The last thing you want is to be subjected to a formal tax investigation. This can be expensive as well as stressful.

Theoretically, you can do your own bookkeeping.  And technology has made it easier. The problem here, however, is that there are a bewildering number of different cloud-based software systems. Learning through trial and error which of these is best for your specific needs can be costly. Though we are Xero Gold Partners, depending on the nature and the size of your business we may suggest you use Sage or Quickbooks, or, indeed, any of another dozen other programs.

As part of our bookkeeping service, we also manage payroll for many of our clients. When you get us to do the back-office admin., you free yourself up to concentrate on the important aspects of growing your business.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

And then there’s management accounts

Most of our clients ask us to do their books and submit their annual tax or quarterly VAT returns. Inevitably, they discover that we can do a lot more for them.  As proactive accountants we go beyond the numbers to provide analysis and advice.

Yes, we will prepare a financial report for you but where your annual returns look back, management accounts look forwards. We can help you interpret the data to understand precisely where the business has done well and where it hasn’t. Invariably the analysis reveals ways you can save money and increase profitability.

For instance, it may be that unpaid invoices are your particular problem. Management accounts could make it clear that you need an automated email system to remind customers when their bills are due, when their bills are late and, finally, if all else fails when they can expect a debt collection agency to be involved.

Budgeting, staffing, applying for loans, we can help with all this. The advice we can provide is as much about managing change as about anything. But it all starts with listening.

Give us a no-cost, no-obligation call and tell us about your situation. There are very few instances where we can’t make life a lot easier for you.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Qualified to advise

Anyone can set themselves up as a bookkeeper or management accountant. But they may not have the qualifications or knowledge to do the job properly. 

At Sobell Rhodes, however, we are professionally qualified Chartered and Certified Accountants.  Being ‘Chartered’ and `Chartered Certified` means we are bound by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to a strict ethical and professional code of conduct.

All our partners have additional specialist qualifications. We aren’t merely permitted to give best advice, we are fully trained and staffed to do so.

Other services include:


Managing the payroll of even a relatively small business can be complicated and time-consuming.

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Every week or every month, you need to calculate the salary entitlements of every employee as well as the necessary deductions for PAYE tax, National Insurance and pension contributions.

Find out more at our Payroll page.

The power of technology

We are up to speed with all the latest software and apps that can help you lower your admin. costs and increase productivity.
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As well as being fully immersed in accounting software such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks, we’re familiar with all the latest software systems which can automate time-tracking, payroll, invoicing and taking payments from customers.

The more you can get technology to do, the more you liberate yourself to grow the business.

Tax investigations

Though HMRC does have ingenious software to detect when companies or individuals are engaged in fraud, many investigations are just random.
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This can be extremely stressful let alone disruptive to your business and to your life.

Our Tax Investigation team is non-judgmental. However serious the situation, we can guide you through the negotiations to arrive at a reasonable and compliant resolution.

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No costs, no obligations, no nonsense