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why you need a proactive accountant

if you’re paying more tax than you need to

how you can grow your profits

Perhaps you’re looking for trusted advisors to guide you through the maze of the UK’s taxation system or maybe you’re looking for structured expertise in how to grow your business and maximise your profits. Whatever it may be, let’s have a chat. We can help. We are in the business of growing businesses.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

You’re probably here for one of two reasons

You’re unhappy

Your current accountants have let you down. 

Maybe they are unresponsive.

Maybe they are not proactively coming up with helpful solutions.

Maybe a bill that came as an unpleasant surprise.

You’re beginning to think the grass may well be greener elsewhere.

You’ve heard you’re better off with qualified Chartered Accountants. You’re here to find out.

You want to grow

The business is doing well. But you feel it could be doing better.

You could do with some expert advice to increase your profitability and capital value.

You’ve heard that a good accountant can save you money and give valuable guidance.

You’re here to find out.

Maybe one of our clients has told you about us.

Most people come to us for Reason 1 and stay with us for Reason 2.

They need a supplier.

Then discover that we are their proactive partner.

Whatever brought you to us, a warm hello.

If you’re looking for financial advice beyond the norm, have a quick tour of our website. Then give us a call.

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense


A team of over 50 people
in Hertfordshire and London

We are ‘proactive’ accountants, trusted and recommended by our clients.

Being proactive means 3 things.

We don't just respond to your questions, we make positive recommendations without having to be asked.

We spend time understanding YOU and your business to ensure that the services we offer add the maximum value possible.

We undertake tax saving reviews and help you plan tax for tax payments well in advance of deadlines.

You get more than just numbers.



When you come to Sobell Rhodes you get advice

You get a proactive accountant

You get clever ways to save money and grow your business



Our awards

Investors in People Platinum
Most Innovative Firm of the Year
Client Service Firm of the Year
British Independent Firm of the Year

What our awards tell you about us.

We’re admired within the industry.
We’re respected by our clients.
We’re backed by our people.

We are proud of our awards because they are evidence of our commitment to client service, to social responsibility and to business partnership, at a level that is not common in accountancy firms.

What our clients say about us.

Mariarosaria Ferraro
Mariarosaria Ferraro
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A dedicated and lovely team always there to support customers at their best! Highly recommended!
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith
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Sobell Rhodes have been our company accountants for many years and are highly recommended. Jeremy is professional and supportive and recently helped implement a slick internal finance process which has been amazing for the business. Steve Bulmer supports us on PAYE and gives us very detailed advise as and when needed and always goes that extra mile! we value his expertise and are thankful for his daily support.
Hayley Finch
Hayley Finch
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Sobell Rhodes have been our Accountants for a number of years. I am the Financial Controller of a medium sized wine business. We have always received great professional service from Sobell Rhodes. Based on this, we recently reached out to them for some consultancy work required that we can trust them to provide the best service and advice. As a bonus they are great likeable people with whom we really enjoy working.
Omer Mustafa
Omer Mustafa
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Stellar service from Mark and the team at Sobell Rhodes - WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR STRATEGIC PLANNING DAY for businesses of all sizes to really shine a light on where you and your business could be headed in the future. The accountability exercises really helped spur me into action (more or less immediately), which has had a direct and positive impact on my team and I already!
Melanie Kentish
Melanie Kentish
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The team are outstanding and I highly recommend to anyone looking for financial business and strategic support. Always on hand for any question, regardless of how large or small, they handle every query with the upmost professionalism and friendliness. Specifically, they truly understand the world of talent which is very nuanced and we consistently feel like we're in safe hands given their experience in the industry.
Andrew McMillan
Andrew McMillan
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I just realised this is my tenth year with Sobell Rhodes and over that decade they have been invaluable in helping me optimise my business from a financial accounting perspective. I was especially grateful for the day to day support they offered during the transition to Xero, some of which was quite daunting, but their goodwill and patience was outstanding. My accounting needs are fairly straightforward now, but there is comfort in knowing the ever helpful Michael Brown is only a phone call away with his pragmatic and balanced advice.
k arch
k arch
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Many years of excellent professional, personal and friendly service from Sobell Rhodes.
Alex Suchet
Alex Suchet
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I can't express enough how grateful I am for the outstanding service provided by Sobell Rhodes, my go-to accounting and business advisory firm. From the moment I engaged with them, it has been a seamless and highly rewarding experience. The team at Sobell Rhodes is a true gem. Their expertise in accounting and business advisory services is unparalleled. They exhibit a remarkable depth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the ever-changing financial landscape. I have found their advice to be not only accurate but also forward-thinking, allowing me to make informed decisions for the growth and success of my business. What sets Sobell Rhodes apart is their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. They go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your financial affairs is meticulously handled. The level of attention and personalized service I have received is simply remarkable. It's clear that they genuinely care about their clients and are dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals. The team's responsiveness is commendable. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, they are prompt in their communication and go the extra mile to ensure that I am fully informed and confident in the decisions I make for my business. Sobell Rhodes has not only streamlined my financial processes but has also played a pivotal role in optimizing my tax strategy. Their proactive approach to identifying opportunities and mitigating risks has been a game-changer for my business. In addition to their technical expertise, the team embodies a high level of professionalism and integrity. Working with Sobell Rhodes has been a stress-free experience, knowing that my financial matters are in the hands of trustworthy professionals who are genuinely invested in my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Sobell Rhodes to any business owner or individual seeking top-notch accounting and business advisory services. They are a true partner in success, and I am grateful for the positive impact they have had on my business. Thank you, Sobell Rhodes, for your exceptional service and dedication to excellence!
Gianna Cinalli
Gianna Cinalli
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I have been working with Sobell Rhodes for the past few years. Aside from dealing with my day to day accounting and payroll, the team have helped and inspired me to look forward and develop my business. Having access to experts in differing fields under one roof is invaluable. Each and every person I have dealt with has been approachable, responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. It’s both valuable and reassuring to have the support of this outstanding team.
Warren Aspeling
Warren Aspeling
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I have had the pleasure of working with Sobell Rhodes over the past few months and have been thoroughly impressed with their expertise and attentive service. As the owner of a small but growing business, I needed an accounting firm that could provide strategic guidance and help me set clear objectives for growth. Sobell Rhodes has done exactly that - they took the time to truly understand my business and vision, and developed a tailored roadmap to help me achieve my goals. What sets Sobell Rhodes apart is their personal approach - they make me feel like a valued client, not just a number. My main point of contact, Mark, has been fantastic. He is always responsive, proactive and easy to work with. Mark and his team are consummate professionals who bring fresh ideas to the table while also holding me accountable to follow through on financial and operational changes needed to improve profitability. In summary, I highly recommend Sobell Rhodes for any business looking to boost their strategic planning, financial management and bottom line. Their expertise and attentive service have been instrumental in moving my company forward. I'm excited to continue partnering with them in the months and years ahead.

In an independent survey of accountants who provide services to over 10,000 businesses, we outperformed in every measure


Sobell Rhodes


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Sobell Rhodes


Other Accountants


Sobell Rhodes


Other Accountants

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Sobell Rhodes


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A growing business needs a grown-up firm of accountants and that is why we chose to move our business to Sobell Rhodes - solid, capable and expert in their field...

Jeremy Stern,
Promo Veritas Limited

I would not hesitate to recommend the accountancy services from Sobell Rhodes. They are on hand to help with our business needs no matter how large or small...

Rachel Higgins, Group Financial Controller
Impact Data Solutions Ltd

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

sectors in which we have particular experience
Professional Sportspeople

We have worked with dozens of dental practices to help them grow. It’s about devising a strategy and then planning for success. The best way to find out how we can help is to book a no-obligations Discovery Call with Mark Rhodes.

Download our free report, specific to dentistry, ‘6 Key Business Factors that will Increase Your Profits’ HERE, or for more click below to visit our dedicated page.

The financial, taxation and commercial aspects of running a property business is our specialism. We have worked with 100s of property businesses saving them £1000s in tax. We ensure you are compliant with all accounting requirements, and help you to make profitable business decisions, through structured strategic planning and financial modelling.

We can help you grow your property business. For more click below to visit our dedicated page.

Often technology businesses experience rapid growth, that changes the structure of their business in a short time. Having an accountant that understands how to support you in your growth plans, can help you feel more in control. This can help you to reach profit, cash or investment targets quicker and more efficiently.

For more click below to visit our dedicated page.

We have helped many multinational companies set up operations in the UK. Not just registering at Companies House and dealing with the paperwork but finding office space, providing procurement services, even recruiting staff and establishing payroll systems.

The best way to find out more is to book a Discovery Call with Mark Rhodes, or visit our dedicated page.

Solicitors have requriements that are unique to your sector. You need advice from a specialist to ensure you do not face uneccessary issues with the regulatory authorities and HMRC. If you’re ambitious to expand we would be delighted to support you develop and implement a strategic growth plan. Where appropriate, we will draw on knowledge of working with numerous solicitors practices.

For more click below to visit our dedicated page.

Professional sports people face unique financial challenges and opportunities that require specialised knowledge and expertise. By working with a specialist accountant, sports people can ensure that their finances are in capable hands, allowing them to focus on what they do best – competing at the highest level.

For more click below to visit our dedicated page.


Our 6 Service Commitments To You

“Our 6 Service Commitments To You” were created at the very start of Sobell Rhodes in 1995 by the founding partners, of which Andrew, Melvyn and Selwyn still remain in active practice with the firm.

Since that time, we haven’t changed one word. It continues to be our abiding commitment to the service levels and tangible value that we promise to provide to you as our client.

We will always act with integrity, courtesy and openness in everything we do for and with you.

We will be proactive in adding value to your business.

We will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.

We will return your telephone calls within one day.

We will meet the deadlines we agree with you.

We will always tell you in advance the fee or basis of our fee for any assignment.

To summarise

Synergy: Two or more people combining energy, talent and effort to equal more than the sum of the parts

Whoever you are, from sole trader to international corporation, being proactive accountants mean we are in the business of adding value to our services, be it:

To prepare your annual accounts

To save you money on tax

To help you grow your business

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense