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4 Audit Areas

We’ve particular expertise in 4 audit & assurance areas:

UK subsidiaries of foreign owned companies

Retail, restaurant hospitality, and e-commerce sectors

Manufacturing and distribution companies

Training other accountancy firms in audit matters

A good auditor gets under the skin of your business, helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and flags up opportunities as well as risks. Are all your numbers and reporting systems in good order?

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What exactly is an audit?

Once a company reaches a certain size in the UK, or if a member of a group with worldwide size,  If two out of the following three factors exist, an audit is mandatory.

Its turnover is more than £10.2 million;
If it has assets worth more than £5.1 million; or if
It has more than 50 employees.

Then the law insists the accounts are subject to audit. Law firms and solicitors who hold clients’ money are also subject to independent checks by qualified auditors.

An audit is an independent assessment and provides an opinion as to whether the financial statements show a true and fair view.  The audit report is made available to the company’s directors and shareholders.

We know how frustrating the audit process can be for dynamic businesses. We can help company bosses cope and we have the awards to prove it. See our awards here, or set up a discovery call.

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So, what’s an assurance report?

An assurance report  is designed to give decision-makers a sharper picture of a business. A full audit is about establishing all the facts that enable us to state the accounts show a ‘true and fair view.’  However,  an assurance report  focuses on the accuracy and reliability of a specific section of a company`s accounts, as requested by the directors.

An audit is an in-depth and unbiased report on all business activities.  An assurance assignment by contrast, can be tailored to your requirements. For instance, one company required this so that its turnover figures were validated before it could apply for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

For us, it means going beyond the numbers to look at your operations and procedures to provide you with more meaningful information.  Often an assurance report is a tool for providing additional comfort to investors and funding institutions.

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ways audit and assurance are good for growth

Shareholders and Investors

An audit is a stamp of approval for your shareholders and investors. They are more inclined to give you support and funding if they know both your numbers and your reporting systems are in good order.

Sale of a Business

If you’re planning to sell the business, an audit can help speed up the process. It will make valuation easier as well as making you look competent and credible to potential buyers.

Securing Investment

If you need new investors to help you grow, they will derive confidence from the audit, especially if it has been conducted by a company with the reputation and expertise of Sobell Rhodes LLP.

Prevention of Fraud

While an audit can’t discover all misappropriations, it can uncover fraud. The sooner this is detected, the less damage is done to the business.

Business Improvement

A good auditor gets under the skin of your business. We’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. And if your systems are holding you back, we’ll recommend solutions.

Unidentified Opportunities

Our audit team can suggest opportunities as well as highlight risks so your company can function more effectively. 

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” Sobell Rhodes say they are proactive accountants. I have seen this first-hand. When they audited our business, they saw we were in dispute with a retail centre over our electricity bill. They introduced us to an electricals consultant, who went and investigated the situation. The long and the short of it, we got around £150,000 off the bill.”

Name withheld

Anonymous Tax Customer

Other services include:

Buying and selling businesses

We help both buyers and sellers by going beyond the numbers to find the genuine value of the business.

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All too often there can be problems a seller wants to hide. But a valuation will expose those problems. Equally, there may be hidden opportunities. Again, our team of experts will identify these and suggest how you can capitalise on them.

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Fast growth businesses

We have businesses manage fast growth to safely negotiate all the pitfalls and problems it can bring.

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There are 5 challenges fast growth businesses face.
1. Unexpected cashflow issues.
2. Concentrating on revenue rather than profit and cash.
3. Missing opportunities because of tax.
4. The wrong back-end system.
5. The business owner is bogged down in detail rather than focusing on strategy.

We have helped countless businesses overcome these problems and fast-forward to growth and success.

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International businesses

We have helped many international businesses negotiate the murky waters of the UK after Brexit.
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European companies have had to establish new subsidiaries and we have been able to help them do this. Other multinational conglomerates have wanted to extend their operations into the UK and we have been able to help them register the business, find premises and recruit staff.

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