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Property Accountants

The 3 critical reasons to choose Sobell Rhodes to be your property tax advisors:

Property tax law is the most complex and detailed area of tax legislation

Without expert advice, unexpected and unwanted tax liabilities can easily arise

Proactively recommend ways to structure your property interests to save taxation

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense

Tax Effective Property Investment

Whether you own just one buy-to-let property or have a portfolio of investment properties, we help lighten your tax burden. This includes advising you on the right vehicle to own your properties, whether it is personally, through companies, partnerships or trusts.


David Vizard

I feel confident with Sobell Rhodes that I am properly in control of my financial affairs and that there is always somebody giving me really good advice that saves us money and guides me through the accountancy maze

David Vizard, Marshall Vizard Estate Agents

Marshall Vizard Property

We offer services to:

Property Developers and Traders

For people involved in property development or buying and selling properties, it’s vitally important to have expert property advice before transactions take place, to ensure you save money wherever possible and transactions take place using the right vehicles.

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This includes taking advantage of current and future tax saving initiatives, funding your property transactions, and avoiding common and often unanticipated problems such as VAT, Stamp Duty and value shifting.

Our property tax advisers are here to help you make the most after-tax profit from your property transactions.

Property Advisers and Suppliers

Many of our clients are advisers and suppliers to the property and construction sectors. By helping them to maximise the value they can provide to their property clients, we are able to enhance their business success.
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Among them we have estate agents, architects, surveyors, mortgage brokers, interior designers, construction engineers, and a host of property related trades.

The Property Professional Circle (PPC)

Sobell Rhodes founded the Professional Property Circle (PPC). At monthly meetings we exchange the latest property information with other property specialists, and in collaboration with them provide our respective clients with a full range of property advisory services.

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If you’d like to join our Professional Property Circle, please contact Michael Brown at m.brown@sobellrhodes.co.uk

No costs, no obligations, no nonsense