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Dental Accountant

Your dental practice may be able to increase annual profit by 50% or more by:

Creating clarity and focus with a written strategic growth plan

Regularly reviewing your financials to make informed profitable decisions

Maximising tax saving opportunities

Pulling on the 9 levers of profit

Our approach at Sobell Rhodes is focused on ensuring that the financial side of your practice is in the best position possible. We specialise in the dental sector. This includes targeted profit improvement planning, financial accounting that gives you the control you need and dental tax planning.

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Why do you need a dental accountant?

We recognise that you are very busy running your practice or, perhaps, running your practice and working clinically at the same time.  Our approach is tailored to your schedule and ambitions.  We will help you, rather than be another addition to your to-do list.

If you have aspirations to increase your practice profits but currently feel out of control of your finances.  You have not been provided with proactive tax saving advice.

You need an accountant that specialises in dentistry.

Book a discovery call and find out how we can help.

You do not need to change accountants to work with us on your financial strategy and planning.

The advantages of a dental specialist ‘proactive’ accountant.

Not missing opportunities to save taxation due to lack of proactive tax saving advice

As a dental practice owner you can be exposed to tax rates of up to 60%.  Also, if you are ever to sell your practice, you may not be structured in the correct way to potentially save you hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax. With the correct set up you may be able to reduce your tax bill by 50%.  

We will support you to:

Decide the optimum structure for your dental practice. This includes reviewing if you should use a limited company, partnership or sole trader structure

Ensure that the way you take money out of your business is tax efficient, as your potential earnings may take you into high tax brackets where you are exposed to tax rates of up to 60%.

Save taxation via tax saving reviews, prior to your company year end

Grow profit and cash, not just revenue/sales

We can develop for you a 3-way forecasting system that gives a rolling view of your future cash requirement and profitability.

We will conduct a profit improvement reviews, to help you leverage the key drivers of your profits and adjust your business model to be more profit & cash focused

Help you focus on the future, not just day to day operations

Spend almost all of your time on the operational / clinical side of the practices, with little time to focus on the strategy and growth of your business?

Many businesses fail to achieve their owners’ ambitions and objectives, because of insufficient planning.

The main reason that many of our clients have become so successful is because at an early stage in their development they have been very conscious of the need to have a focused strategic plan.

To support our clients in this process we have been major contributors to the “Complete Advisory Solution” (CAS), regarded as the world’s leading system for accountants to provide business advisory services to their clients.

At the core of this is a complete strategic planning process, including 5-year financial models, that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Instead of waiting for you to ask for advice, get useful proactive guidance

Our average score of 9.1 out of 10 for proactive service, compares to the national average of 6.5 and has contributed to us winning the UK Client Service Firm of the Year.

We will meet with you quarterly to discuss key issues and decisions, considering the financial impact. Providing you accountability to take informed decisions to reach your practice growth potential.

Feel in control of the finances for your practice

We will establish an automated financial system via the following steps:

1. Setup for you an online bookkeeping system e.g. Xero
2. Advice you on the apps that integrate to Xero to automate financial recording
3. Establish your key performance drivers
4. Give you clear financial targets to aim for
5. Summarise your financials in an easy to understand report
6. Meet with you to review your financials live
Help you to make financially informed decisions that increase profit and cash

If you’d like to know more about how you can benefit individually from our services, please book a 15-minute Discovery Call.

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Heather William’s Story

“Since I have been working with Sobell Rhodes the Practice profits have grown”

Most of our clients come to us for tax advice but then discover we can do a lot more for them. Like Heather Williams here.

CASE STUDY - Tax Savings

A dental practice in Hertfordshire describes how Sobell Rhodes made £250,000 in tax savings.

CASE STUDY - Profits Grown

A dental practice in Kent works with Sobell Rhodes and grows practice profits.

The key

‘The 6 Key Business Success Factors That Will Increase Your Profits And Grow Your Dental Practice’

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