Tax Investigation Service


Melvyn Sobell FCA
Senior Partner, Head of Taxation

Tel: 020 8429 8800



Tim Knight CTA
Tax Director

Tel: 020 8429 8800

Anyone who submits a tax return is a potential target for an HMRC tax investigation.

Many tax investigations are random.  Unusual fluctuations, undisclosed accounts and random spending can also prompt an enquiry into individuals and companies.  HMRC has powerful new software that can trace even the smallest discrepancy in spending or earnings, promoting an investigation into individuals and businesses.

Disruptive, intrusive and expensive – when HMRC investigates it can drag on for a year or more, creating mounting costs and rocketing stress levels.

If HMRC states its intention to investigate your tax payments don’t panic Contact us your accountant and best defence.  We will translate the many complicated questions, manage the entire conversation with the taxman, help you submit the required information and minimise the impact on your business or personal life.

However, the cost of supporting you throughout an investigation is not covered in our usual accountancy fees.


Our Tax Investigation Service

As your dedicated accountant, we’re happy to help you manage any tax enquiries you might receive.  It is vital to be led by specialist advice and guidance when dealing with HMRC.

With our Tax Investigation service our fees will be paid for if HMRC investigate you.  By subscribing to our service, you’ll also be dealing with a trusted and familiar face that knows your affairs – not an unknown accountant who may be appointed if you subscribe to an alternative scheme. We believe we know your business best and want to be there for you when you need us most.