Human Resources

Your people are probably the most important asset of your business. However, problems with people can be very expensive as well as being time-consuming and draining. So helping you get the most from your team and avoiding any problems is where our Employment and Human Resources Consultancy can be invaluable to your business.

Whether you employ a team of hundreds or just one person, being an employer imposes legal obligations and responsibilities. Ensuring proper HR policies and procedures are in place and seeking our support can help you to avoid expensive and potentially damaging litigation and also help your company to achieve its business goals more effectively.

How we help you:-

  • A review of all your employment policies, procedures and documentation assessed against current legal requirements and codes of practice. Following the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report and plan for your business
  • Employment handbooks – these contain the ground rules of your company and statutory requirements, specifically drafted and tailored to your company’s needs
  • Contracts of Employment – for full time or part time staff to outline terms and conditions of employment, policies and procedures
  • Employment policies and procedures – these include equal opportunities, benefits, etc.
  • Appraisal documentation – whether drafting appraisal documentation for a new system or upgrading and revising documentation already in place, a review of your team’s performance can be enhanced by a formal appraisal system
  • Helping you to achieve the Investor in People quality standard.
  • Recruitment and selection – we can offer a comprehensive and expert recruitment and selection service, writing and placing advertisements, reviewing of CVs and carrying out first interviews. We will then present you with a short list of excellent candidates to meet, giving up your valuable time only at the most essential stage
  • Helping you to arrange insurance against employees costly claims including legal fees
  • An HR support helpline

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