Other Services

Business Start-up

If you have a good business start-up proposition and the enterprise and commitment to see it through, we will help you to maximise its success and develop its prospects in the most constructive and realistic way.  Our accounting services allow you to proceed with your venture, knowing that you’ve given it the best possible start.
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Human Resources

Your people are probably the most important asset of your business.  However, problems with people can be very expensive as well as being time-consuming and draining.  So helping you get the most from your team and avoiding any problems is where our Employment and Human Resources Consultancy can be invaluable to your business.
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In association with Comp365, we provide a free value added procurement service for our clients, using trusted and tried suppliers.

This personalised service minimises the aggravation factor and time constraints involved in obtaining the best products and services available for your business.

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Tax Investigation Service

Anyone who submits a tax return is a potential target for an HMRC tax investigation.  When HMRC investigates it can drag on for a year or more, creating mounting costs and rocketing stress levels.  If HMRC states its intention to investigate your tax payments don’t panic contact us.  We will translate the many complicated questions, manage the entire conversation with the taxman, help you submit the required information and minimise the impact on your business or personal life.
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Trusts and Executorship

We help you take full advantage of tax planning tools such as trusts which are extremely useful instruments for tax planning purposes.  They are particularly useful if you want to reduce the Inheritance Tax liability in your estate, as well as providing funds for your children’s education or future maintenance.
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Wealth and Financial Management

In collaboration with independent financial advisers we help you build your wealth and manage your finances more effectively.

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