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You know your objective.  And you are on your way to achieving it.  What we will do is make the journey easier and quicker, based on all our experience of doing exactly that for hundreds of companies like yours.

Does this remind you of… you? If so, then we already have the beginnings of an extremely fruitful working relationship.

We provide support and advice to businesses and individuals to ensure you have the correct structure, financial controls and business support to achieve your goals.  You do not need to change accountants to work with us on your financial strategy and planning.  

The four key pillars of our approach are as follows:-


We help you define and develop your five-year strategic plan covering the key areas of your business.

This provides you with clarity and direction to maximise your potential.

Financial Analysis

\We work with you to help you understand the true financial impact of your decisions.

This ensures you make decisions with a financial focus.

Profit Improvement

We work with you to understand how you can increase your profit and cash across your business.

This helps you to discover your full potential for profit and cash generation.

Action Planning

We challenge and develop critical areas of your business and keep you on track with robust KPI’s.

This unlocks your true value at pace and with focus.

Why we’re here

Sobell Rhodes is an independent, owner-managed business, just like yours.

We very deliberately seek out clients who are people like us. Who share our interests and drives. And, most importantly, whom we can really get along with as individuals.

What excites us the most about being in accountancy and business advisory, is knowing that we’ve made a difference to our client – not just their business, but very often their personal life as well.  Because obviously, the two are closely intertwined.

That is our passion and why we spend so much time talking to a prospective client. To get the whole picture. And to get to the nub of their issues.

From there, we will develop a clear, actionable strategy.

A history of success

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We have helped 100s of SMEs like yours, achieve their goals.

We’ve worked with companies of various shapes and sizes. From ambitious start-ups, to international corporations. We work across all sectors and have particular expertise in:

  • Property
  • Dental Practices
  • Medical Services
  • Tech
  • Professional Services

How the process works



 Book a 30-minute discovery call

Discovering how you could achieve your financial and life ambitions working with Sobell Rhodes is simple.

Our consultancy clients have found a short call with Mark Rhodes (Head of Business Consulting) really helps all parties understand and focus on what is needed and why.

This saves you both time in reading lengthy information, and enables us to quickly understand what your financial and life objectives are, and how we will be able to help you.

So, the first simple step is to click on the calendar below and book a 30 minute discovery call. No obligation. No cost to you.



The 30-minute discovery call

The call will be with Mark Rhodes, Head of Business Consulting. The agenda is twofold.

1 : Your current situation

We start by discussing your current business and financial situation. What do you do, and how do you do it?  We seek to understand your objectives. We review the current situation against five key areas:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • People
  • Operations

Often, we uncover a number of valuable  opportunities and quick wins that you could benefit from – based on our years of helping companies, just like yours.

2 : Your future ambitions

We take you through a short, but highly structured process to quantify your financial and life ambitions, and discuss what would have the most impact in achieving them.

This is the exciting part. Defining what we can achieve for you,  based on what we have achieved for hundreds of other individuals and businesses.

Achieving your goals faster and maximising your potential is demonstrated by our profit improvement model.



Create your strategic business plan

We now understand your goals and what the potential could be from the discovery session. We know where you want to be going. Now we conduct a strategic planning workshop (typically a half-day together is required) as the first stage in identifying how we are going to get you there.

It is important to note that you do not need to change your accountant to work with us on strategic planning.

Utilising a structured process that has been refined based on 1000s of businesses, we will generate ideas, lots of ideas, and a clear written plan for you to take away and use straight away.

We will agree fixed fees in advance of this workshop, but if you are not in any way satisfied with the outputs, we have a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.



Delivering the strategic business plan

Based on your strategic plan, we agree a timetable of how we can best work with you, tailored to you, to deliver your objectives. As a client of Sobell Rhodes, this often includes financial analysis, action planning and accountability meetings. We have several pricing options, and we will work together to find a way of working that best meets your needs.

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