We are currently recruiting an Audit Senior to join our multi-award winning and InveWestor in People, Gold accredited accountancy practice in our Elstree off
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Current Vacancies

We currently have the following vacancy:

Audit Senior Quick apply More information

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV to

We aim to contact every candidate who has applied directly within 7 work days.  In the meantime, why not check out our social media platforms to get an idea of what life is like here at Sobell Rhodes.

Recruitment Agencies:  Whilst we appreciate the value of using recruitment agencies, we are not looking for any support at the current moment in time. 

Any CVs sent to Partners or staff within the business without invitation could be pursued with no fee obligation.


Sobell Rhodes is fully accredited by Investors in People (IIP) to the Platinum Standard, the highest level attainable.  Only 2% of IIP accredited organisations achieve the Platinum Standard and Sobell Rhodes is one of the only accountancy firms in England to have obtained this.

“IIP is about creating thriving workplaces, where a combination of leadership excellence and the opportunity to fulfil your potential, delivers the best possible outcomes for everyone. IIP organisations clearly outperform others and are the ones with smarter goals. They understand that investing in people is vital to their success”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People

Below are extracts from the latest independent report on Sobell Rhodes’ by Investors in People.

“There is a clear commitment throughout Sobell Rhodes to  deliver a strategy of consistent growth, the hiring and retaining of high quality people, ensuring that they are given the direction, development and opportunities conducive to success.”

“The drive with which the leadership team lead their departments is matched by the enthusiasm with which employees strive to be the point of difference between Sobell Rhodes and other accountancy practices.”

“People clearly take pride in working for Sobell Rhodes and are fully aligned with its values and aspirations. There is an impressive level of focus in taking personal responsibility for individual performance and helping colleagues to perform.”

“Individuals are able to explicitly link the objectives of Sobell Rhodes with their personal aspirations and credit their line managers with supporting, motivating and developing them to meet these objectives.

“People commend the openness with which the leadership share their time, experience and knowledge.”

“Sobell Rhodes has an explicit diversity and equal opportunity policy and has a diverse workforce that mirrors the area it operates in. It encourages access to development to all employees and operates flexible working procedures to encourage employee retention and fulfilment.Patinum