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We are specialist providers to solicitor practices and act for a large number of firms. Please click here to visit our specialist solicitors' website www.srforsolicitors.co.uk

We provide the following services:   

  • Financial accounts   
  • Accountants Report to the Law Society   
  • Tax saving plans for the practice and individual principals
  • Bookkeeping and reconciliations in accordance with Law Society rules   
  • Strategic planning for the practice   
  • Practice profit improvement

Support services to solicitors and their clients   

Case Studies   

  • For a three partner practice we evaluated how different fee earners charged and then advised how this should be restructured leading to a substantial increase in profitability.   
  • For a sole practitioner we identified the true costs of running the conveyancing department and advised how to change the charging process and work programming so it became an efficient and worthwhile profit centre of the practice.   
  • For a fifteen partner practice we advised on a variety of financial control and costing processes to increase fee earners' recoveries.   

For multi-partner practices and sole practitioners we have advised on the following:   

    1. How to minimise taxation liabilities arising on the introduction of new work in progress rules.   
    2. Facilitated strategic planning days and identified the principal business and personal objectives of the partners, the actions necessary to achieve these, and five year financial forecasts.   
    3. How to increase claims for tax allowable expenses thereby substantially reducing the partners' personal tax liabilities.   
    4. How to structure personal property interests of the partners to reduce Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax liabilities.