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Specialist sectors

Specialist sectors

Apart from our Advisory and compliance services, we have also specialised in a variety of different sectors, which include charities and not-for-profit organisations, solicitors and the property market among others.

We are an award winning accountancy and auditing firm with recognised prestige in the UK. We have helped many companies, in a variety of industries, grow during the past years. You can find some testimonials of our clients here.

Below these lines you will find a variety of services that adjust to each one of the industries

We have a special interest in charities and not-for-profit organisations and thanks to that we offer a wide range of support services like external audits and payroll services.

As an accounting firm specialised in divorces, we provide a full range of support services to help both, the solicitors and the parties to the divorce.

We have accredited mediators as part of our team that will help you resolve any financial conflict you might have, with the idea of reaching a successful and mutually beneficial agreement.

Professional golfers spend most of their time away from home, and have little time to dedicate to their financial affairs. For that reason, we offer unique “Golfers’ and Caddies’ Tax and Financial packages”.

The property and building industry is our largest sector. We provide a wide range of services to advise industry professionals as well as property owners and investors.

We specialise in providing financial and support services to solicitors around the UK.

We are a specialist provider to a large number of practitioners within the health sector.

If you want to know more about any of our specialists services don't hesitate to contact us