The Power of Goals

Over the last few decades we have all benefited from the business research and behavioural science that shows us that the most successful people have two very common attributes. Firstly, they share the behaviour of all having clear and passionately held goals. Secondly, they articulate and record these goals and annually refresh them.

There is now a widely held belief in the coaching community regarding the power of goal-setting, but I would like to broaden this understanding to match what I hope are your own feelings on the subject of your own passionate aims and objectives, with both your business and your personal success.

I believe there are two levels of goals and the first is the most powerful and consistent over time. This level of goal is what I call, ‘Most Important Things’ (MITs) or what we technically call, ‘Primary Strategic Objectives’. These are your big-picture reasons for being in business and can generally be summarised in one or two sentences and rarely change, except over years, as your business cycle evolves and your perspective on life naturally changes.

The second level of business goals are what we call ‘Strategic Objectives’ and these are measurable outcomes; qualitative or quantitative, that effectively are stepping stones to you achieving your MITs. These are best articulated, refreshed and recorded annually to provide you with fresh focus and direction.

Strategic planning has at its core the focus and clarity that comes from a process of asking; “Where are you now?”; “Where do you want to go?”(Please note; it’s want not need) and “How do you get there?” If you want to feel in control of your life and your business, you must plan, as all the answers to these three questions are complex and require a plan, but the drivers of your MITs are simple. It’s this fact that often confuses entrepreneurs and their advisors alike. Because the world changes and

conditions change, it’s important to remain focused and prioritised in your actions and that’s where an annual strategic review comes in. The biggest benefit of strategic planning is a feeling of being in control and for business owners this is a precious feeling.


Andrew Rhodes- Managing Partner

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