The Importance of Development

It’s one of life’s truisms, that when we stand still, we tend to go backwards; not because we are moving in reverse, but because others such as our competitors and customers are likely to be constantly changing and refining. Equally, the environment we trade in and the world generally will be changing, sometimes subtly and occasionally dramatically. Whatever the speed of change; change there will be and worryingly change is not easy to identify – typically until after it has occurred!

If we assume that we can’t halt this inevitable change process, then the obvious solution is to ride it. One methodology to make the change process that much more palatable is to develop a culture in your business that embraces change and improvement.

I call this a ‘shift-up for challenge’ culture and in simple terms this is an ethos in a business whereby all people are encouraged to develop new capabilities (not necessarily just skills) and move onto greater responsibility, authority and achievement. In this environment people move on and make way for others coming through. Sometimes people leave; but that’s OK as it’s natural and not dangerous if you genuinely live this type of culture. Finally, if you do buy-in to this belief, please don’t forget that this ‘shift-up for challenge’ ethos also includes the owners.

Andrew Rhodes- Managing Partner

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