Success is a sensitive concept and therefore an emotive word. Many people assume it means the same for everyone, but in my experience, it most definitely does not. It’s actually not the definitions that vary, but in reality the drivers, that inspire people to success and define what success looks like.

Drivers of success are unique to individuals and powerful and important motivators, especially in darker and more difficult times.

Therefore, your success drivers matter and I call them Most Important Things or more technically, Primary Strategic Objectives. Typically, they can be summarised in one or two short sentences in response to the question, “What are the most important things to you about being in business?” They rarely change from year to year, although they do refine as you and your business mature and you move through cycles. None-the-less identifying them, articulating them and affirming them is very powerful.  These are your own unique high-level definitions of success.

Primary Strategic Objectives

You now know what success uniquely feels like for you.  Success really is a process, not a one-off event!


Andrew Rhodes- Managing Partner

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