26.  Make Your Reception Area Special

Your reception area communicates the message you want to convey about your business, so make it special!

Here are three ideas:

Idea 1

Create a slideshow!

Install a plasma screen in your reception area and run a 5-10 minute PowerPoint slideshow.  This gives you an opportunity to make people aware of your complete range of products and services.

Idea 2

Create a menu!

Instead of the typical “Can I get you a cup of coffee?” let’s be different.  Present your customers with a menu of available drinks, and if you are serving coffee, be sure it is the best – there’s nothing like a “proper” cup of coffee.

Idea 3

Create a theme!

When you’re deciding what to put on the walls of your reception area, have a consistent theme.  Anything unusual, particularly if it’s related to the interests of the owners, will get people attention.

  • Framed photographs of what your street looked like 100+ years ago – readily available from your local historical society
  • A collection of football shirts or autographed photos
  • A selection of paintings by one of your customers
  • Pictures of your company’s owners as children, or doing their favourite recreational activity

Your reception area may be the only part of your business that a visitor sees, so make it interesting and different.

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