Make Your Reception Area Special

Our last blog post focused on the notion that there was no second chance to make a first impression personally; the same is true of your office space, and in particular, your reception area. Your reception area communicates the message you want to convey about your business, so make it special; indeed, Apple is renowned for its clean, slick and simplistic storefronts, which is reminiscent of its clean and slick designs used on all their products.

Here are three simple ideas on how to improve your reception area, which will instantly improve the perception of your business:

Idea 1

Create a slideshow!

Install a plasma screen in your reception area and run a 5-10 minute PowerPoint slideshow. This gives you an opportunity to make people aware of your complete range of products and services.

Idea 2

Create a menu!

Instead of the typical “Can I get you a cup of coffee?” let’s be different. Present your customers with a menu of available drinks, and if you are serving coffee, be sure it’s the best – there’s nothing like a “proper” cup of coffee.

Idea 3

Create a theme!

When you’re deciding what to put on the walls of your reception area, have a consistent theme. Anything unusual, particularly if it’s related to the interests of the owners, will get people’s attention.

  • Framed photographs of what your street looked like 100+ years ago – readily available from your local historical society
  • A collection of football shirts or autographed photos
  • A selection of paintings by one of your customers
  • Pictures of your company’s owners as children, or doing their favourite recreational activity

Your reception area may be the only part of your business that a visitor sees, so make it interesting and different, but most importantly, ensure it looks and feels both professional and comfortable.

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