“I don’t have enough time”

Many business owners I work with say to me “There’s not enough time in the day for everything I need to do” and “I need to spend more time focusing on strategy and growth but I don’t have the time”.

Does that sound familiar?

If it does, then you need to manage your time more efficiently and productively by using A Time Management System.

Here are the 5 things you need to do….

1.      Learn the Four Quadrants of Effective Time Management.

This is a well-established time management matrix.


Important and Urgent

Important and Not Urgent

Not Important and Urgent

Not Important and Not Urgent


Important and Urgent

This first quadrant consists of the things you have to do as they materially affect your business immediately and in the future.  It’s best to get them over and done with and not procrastinate.

Important and Not Urgent

Working on your business plan, personal recreation, and meaningful family time belong here.  These are the things that often get pushed to one side but they have the most dramatic effect on your business and quality of life.  You need to plan time for these carefully, ensure they happen and avoid interruptions.

Not Important and Urgent

This third quadrant includes distractions and interruptions, insignificant e-mails, meaningless tasks and unimportant telephone calls that compete for your attention.  These are the things you need to minimise and delegate.

Not Important and Not Urgent

The fourth quadrant is the “time wasting” quadrant; online games, trivia, unproductive meetings and so on.  These you need to eliminate.

2.      Do a Quick Time Study

Some people advise tracking your time for a week, but I believe that most business owners are simply too busy for that.  I suggest you use a quick 10 minute Time Study Template that helps you realise where you spend your time.

Once you’ve finished your time study, ask yourself:  which of these tasks can I reduce, delete or delegate?  Then add up how many extra hours you have created per week.  Multiply that number by 46 weeks and you will be pleasantly surprised how much extra time you can free up each year!

3.      Delegate!

Delegation is hard for independent, ambitious and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to make sure everything is done right and don’t feel comfortable leaving their fate in the hands of other people.  However, if you want your business to run more automatically without your continual involvement, it’s essential to master this skill.

4.      Fill the gaps in your team

You might find that you don’t have sufficient people to cover the workload once you identify the tasks you really should be delegating.  That’s when it’s time to recruit new people.  Be careful about unnecessary overheads but sometimes a part-timer for just a few hours a day is a great starting point to help you let go of some of your mundane tasks.

5.      Use a default Calendar

Your default calendar shows you what to do each hour of each day to be optimally effective.  You block the most important things in your schedule as an appointment with yourself, so that you can hold yourself accountable and achieve lasting results.

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