How to Sell More

How do you get more customers without having to get any more sales leads?

You can do this by converting more of your existing leads into sales.

Many retailers have a standard sales script- “Can I help you?”  More often than not the customer’s natural response is to say “no thanks, I’m just looking”, this automatically puts up a barrier between customer and retailer.

The switched-on retail business has a very different sales script when somebody enters the shop – “Hi there, my name’s John.  If there’s anything I can do to help you, I’m just over there, please come and talk to me.”  This script is hugely better than the first one.  With those small changes, the sales conversion rate rises significantly.

Research shows that…

  1. 73% of customers say “No” at least 5 times before actually buying, and
  2. 92% of salespeople give up before that all important 5th “No”

This means that while the 92% of impatient salespeople are fighting each other for the 27% of sales where decisions are made quickly, the patient 8% of salespeople can have their pick of the 73% of sales where decisions take longer.  According to the research- for every one sale that an impatient salesman makes, the patient and persistent salesman who keeps trying until well past the 5th “No” will get 31!

Of course persistence is only one of the many possible “converting more sales leads into sales” systems that you could use.

There are strategies for:

  1. Planning your sales approach in meticulous detail.
  2. Practising your sales approach until you can do it perfectly in your sleep.
  3. Creating a sales process that removes all the issues that cause customers to say “No”
  4. Using automated email systems which generate “auto responders” to automatically keep in touch with your prospects and continually send them valuable information as you build a trusted relationship with them.
  5. Stressing the real benefits to the prospect of what you, rather than merely the features, provide.
  6. Making buying less risky for customers.
  7. Using video on your online sales pages.

There are also strategies for:

  1. Proving that your products and services are as good as you say.
  2. Testing different scripts to find out which words give you the best results.
  3. Produce standard documents that your team can give to customers before, during and after the sales process.
  4. Becoming better and more persistent at following up in various creative ways.
  5. Using great questions to show your customers that you are interested in them.

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