This is our dedicated page to help you manage the impact of the Coronavirus on your personal financial situation and your business.

Our overriding goal is to ensure we are helping you to minimise the business and financial risks to you, In doing so, we have now helped our clients to increase their cash flow by over £40,000,000, during this challenging time. This includes:

  • Government support – we are in direct contact with government, banks and other institutions. We are intensely researching all potential government backed support packages available, in order to discuss with you how they may help you obtain vital cash, in the form of grants, loans, deferral of tax liabilities etc
  • Cashflow planning – to help you feel in control and aware of your current and future cash position. This includes scenario modelling (i.e. what-if planning)
  • Tax planning – helping you save tax and keeping you informed of the options available regarding your current and future tax related cash outflows.
  • Business planning – discussing the operational and strategic challenges you face and helping you to plan the best course of action. Creating a structured and organised strategy to navigate this period in the best way possible.
  • Financial control
  • Cost management


Please watch out for our regular Coronavirus bulletins

Mark Rhodes CA

Director of Business Consulting

Our uninterrupted service to you:

First and foremost, the safety, wellbeing and financial security of our clients and employees, plus their families are our top priorities.

Our emergency contingency plans, alongside our integrated IT systems enable us to ensure you will receive uninterrupted continuation of all our services, even if face-to-face meetings aren’t possible. This includes:

  • Contact with you by telephone, email, online video, including Zoom and Skype and our own portal.
  • All partners and employees have complete remote IT working facilities, in order that they can work just as efficiently from home.
  • Internally we are using Microsoft Teams, which means that everyone at Sobell Rhodes is able to remain in continuous contact with each other by instant messaging, audio and online video.
  • Strong communication between our team and yourselves, so your timetables and deadlines are met without interruption or delay.


We will continue to provide you with proactive and responsive service to our usual high standards, in accordance with Our Service Commitment To You.