Break Some Compromises

Historical precedents within a particular industry force customers to make compromises or concessions. Why, for example:

• Do most hotels prohibit you from checking in before 3pm? [Hotel maids generally start work at 8am or 9am. Accordingly, there are made-up rooms available by mid-morning]

•Are most car dealerships closed on weekends?

•Is it so hard to buy a used car with confidence?

•Do supermarkets not provide childcare?

•Do retailers quote broad delivery times? (“We’ll be at your house between 9am and 5pm”)

In your industry, what do customers have to put up with “just because”? Think of the companies that have succeeded by breaking the “wait time“ compromise, whether it’s roadside recovery (“in under an hour”), shoe repair (“while you wait”), cinema ticketing (“print your own”) or the punctual plumber (“paying you if they don’t show up on time”). So break some of your own compromises, change your opening hours, offer a pick-up service or let customers pre-order over the internet.

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