Avoid Being a Know it All

You may own your own business and if so, this is something of which to be proud. It no doubt took; vision, belief, courage and determination to develop or start your business, but it doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about business.

There are two ways to avoid this trap. Firstly, commit to continuous personal learning which entails both an open mind and a prioritisation of the time required to develop new awareness and skills. Lifelong learning is probably a way of life, not a catch phrase. Ted Nicholas, the great direct marketer, said that if you read every day for one hour on one topic for a year, you can become the world’s leading expert on that topic. Think about the benefits to you and your business if you actually took this advice.

Obviously, as a business owner, time feels limited and although one hour a day feels achievable; every day perhaps feels more challenging. The answer of course is more to do with the holistic commitment to continuous learning than the practical commitment to one hour a day reading.

Equally, your goal does not have to be to become the world’s leading expert, but rather someone your customers and your market truly value.

That’s where a commitment to continuous learning has its most value!

Secondly, seek help from others, whether they are experts to help you solve any problems you might have, or independent advisors to facilitate and coach you to greater success.

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