Social responsibility

At Sobell Rhodes we are guided by the simple principle of improving the lives of our clients, our team and the wider world.

Our social responsibility policy is to make an impact in our local community by supporting as many good causes and charities as possible.

In the wider world, through being a lifetime partner of B1G1, we support over 600 charitable projects in 28 countries around the world for people who are severely deprived or suffering.

This includes:

  • Drinking water for 3,600 people in Malawi
  • Medical support and food for 2,024 people in Burma
  • Six goats for poor families in Kenya
  • A sports programme for 150 children in Bombay
  • Operations to restore the sight of 7 people in India
  • Toilet facilities for 250 orphaned children in Kenya

We promote the concept of giving by each week a different team member selecting a charity to which the firm makes a donation. 

Our commitment to the charitable sector is continued by the service and advice we provide to Charities and Non-Profit Organisations.

Our partners and team have voluntary positions as honorary governors of local schools, as well as treasurers and auditors to six local charities. 

We are very proud that our partner, Adam Shelley was selected “Volunteer of the Year 2017/18″ from thousands of volunteers around the country, for his extraordinary dedication to the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, having worked as a volunteer youth leader with the organisation for over 20 years.

Charities and projects we support include: