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Sobell Rhodes provides a full range of help and support to both the parties to the divorce and the acting solicitors.  Please click here to visit our specialist website www.srforsolicitors.co.uk

As accountants specialising in divorce arrangements we are able to provide a financially practical approach, from the outset of divorce proceedings, through the administration and negotiation process, up to and including final settlement.

We provide the following services to divorcees and their solicitors:   

  • Assistance with financial planning to separate divorcees' joint assets and liabilities   
  • Advice on how divorcees should structure their financial affairs after the divorce has been concluded   
  • Valuation of business assets
  • Asset tracing
  • Mediation Services  
  • Preparation of Form E   
  • Minimising tax on the distribution of assets between divorcees   
  • Replies to questionnaires   
  • Examination of the financial affairs of the other party


Additional emotional support

Going through a divorce is an intensely emotional and challenging time. For this reason we often work together with divorce and relationship counsellors to help our clients through this very difficult time.

Francine Kaye is a specialist divorce and relationship counsellor and is well known as the Divorce Doctor.  She has made many appearances on television and radio as a qualified relationship coach, family mediator and parenting expert, She has over 15 years experience in providing help and support in divorce situations and relationship breakdowns.

Francine provides practical help, solutions and support to cope with the emotional turmoil of divorce and planning for the future.

Visit Francine's web-site for more information on how she could help you.