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Sobellprofen is our own proven method at providing fast, effective relief for your financial headaches.  Here you will find useful hints and tips to help relieve your business pains and grow your business. 

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“See the wood for the trees!”


Most of us are far too busy to truly “see the wood for the trees” in our business and personal lives.  Thus means we spend too much time doing the urgent things and insufficient time concentrating on the really important issues.

To help you identify what really matters the most to you, complete the following 12 questions.  Score how important each of the following are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is very important.  Also, score where you feel you are now, where 10 is totally achieved.

This will enable you to prioritise your own personal and business objectives and create realistic action plans.






How Important?


Where do you feel you are now?

1 Improving profits and my personal earnings.  




2 Building the capital value of my business.  




3 Creating a strategic development plan for the future.  




4 Improving the performance of our team.  




5 Creating sustainable business systems.  




6 Creating a clear succession plan.  




7 Improving my role within the business.  




8 Improving my customer base.  




9 Feeling personally inspired and motivated.  




10 Improving my time management.  




11 Improving my work/life balance.  




12 Improving my personal wellbeing.  





To make your personal and business priorities even clearer, insert your scores and then email this sheet back to us. We will then provide you with a graphical picture, free of charge, of the most important and relevant things for you to improve and achieve.


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