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How to start your business plan?


Planning is a key element to running a successful business.  To get where you want to go, you’ll need a business plan.

Most businesses don’t have any kind of plan.  So, start with a simple plan that pinpoints what you want to achieve.  Here’s an example:

  1. In five year’s time, I want the business to be worth £5 million
  2. To achieve this, it must make annual profits of at least £1.5 million
  3. To achieve this, it must have sales of £10 million
  4. I need to increase my sales by, on average, £1 million a year
  5. To do this, I will need to:
    1. Increase my customer base by 15%
    2. Increase the number of times my customers buy from me by 20%
    3. Raise prices by 10%


Having developed a basic plan, it’s time to identify the constraints you think may get in the way of successful implementation.  Consider the following:

  1. Inside the business, what are the principal constraints on our growth?  Some possibilities:
    1. Lack of capital (financing)
    2. Lack of credit from suppliers
    3. Too many customers owing you money
    4. Under performing owners/attitude issues
    5. Under performing staff/attitude issues
    6. Internal conflicts
    7. Lack of direction
    8. Outdated technology
    9. Lack of marketing
    10. Missing skills
    11. Retirement and succession issues
    12. Undesirable customers
    13. Excessive payroll
    14. High occupancy costs
  2. Outside the business, what are the principal constraints on our growth?
    1. The economy
    2. Regulations
    3. Competition
    4. Demographics
    5. Energy prices
    6. Shipping costs

What you should find is that you can’t do much about the outside constraints but you can do a lot about internal constraints.



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