27. Hire a Marketing Person

Implementing an effective marketing programme involves a substantial amount of effort. You need someone to coordinate your marketing activities who doesn’t have other responsibilities that will get in the way. This person can be either full or part time and could be anyone from a student to a highly experienced professional. Initially, ask them to update the contact management database and launch a direct mail programme, making sure that all marketing correspondence and required telephone follow-up gets done on a timely basis.


Here is a sample list of responsibilities for a marketing role some of which will be required regularly, whilst others are to be completed on an ad hoc basis:


  • Telemarketing
  • Tracking progress of potential clients/customers
  • Phone follow up of warm leads
  • Assisting in the creation and maintenance of marketing strategy plans
  • Website updates
  • Press Releases
  • Creating and updating a social media campaign
  • Direct mail
  • Production and distribution of company brochure
  • Production of booklets and catalogues
  • Production of help sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (including follow-up)
  • Company Events (including follow-up)
  • Organising speaking engagements
  • Advertising
  • Welcome letters or gifts to new customers
  • Holiday and birthday cards to customers
  • Blogging


You should expect and encourage everyone in your team to be a marketer. Everyone from the receptionist to the CEO is there to provide a ‘WOW’ experience. However there are certain attributes required to be successful in a marketing specific role:

  •         Excellent social and verbal skills
  •         Good written communication
  •         Computer and database experience
  •         Organisational skills – to be able to balance the different aspects of the role
  •         Attitude and enthusiasm (the most important!)

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