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Our dedicated personnel advisory service is able to provide expert payroll services for small  businesses in London and throughout the UK.  We are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy and highly experienced payroll service provider.

Managing payroll, particularly for small businesses can be an incredibly difficult process as it is both time consuming, costly and complicated by the continual changes being made to legislation.  It is therefore advisable to appoint an experienced payroll service provider such as Sobell Rhodes to administer this process for you.

By providing payroll services for small businesses right through to larger organisations we have developed expertise in this area and have become a leading London payroll service provider.

As a leading payroll services provider we are experts in navigating through the complex maze of legislation and directives which our payroll services clients must comply with.

You can select from our Gold, Silver and Bronze Payroll Service at a fixed price, which includes a selection of the following services:

  • Our payroll software is RTI compliant to ensure we can support businesses with all their RTI needs
  • Employer Alignment Submissions and Employment Payment Summaries
  • Weekly or monthly processing payments by bank transfer or cheque
  • Advising of monthly PAYE and National Insurance liabilities and remittances
  • Production of employee payslips and reports for each pay period
  • Year end reports (P35s/P60s)
  • Advising on personnel issues such as redundancy and termination of employment
  • Family credit, student loans, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay
  • Liaising with the Department for Work and Pensions (formerly the DSS) and HM Revenue & Customs
  • Guidance on the latest EU legislative advice covering minimum wage, holiday entitlement, paternity leave etc.
  • From basic payroll processing to full personnel administrative advisory service   
  • Appraisal training and guidance on achieving “Investor in People” status
  • Telephone helpline

Please contact us if you are a large, medium or small business needing payroll services and require an experienced payroll services provider to work with.