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Taxation compliance and planning


We prepare your taxation returns and all requirements of the taxation authorities so that you have complete peace of mind that your tax affairs are up to date and complete.

This includes:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Business tax returns and computations


Planning and tax saving

Our specialist tax experts help you to take full advantage of the tax savings opportunities in the following ways:   

  • Full personal and business tax saving reviews
  • Prior to the accounting period end of your business we provide you with advice on what action to take to save business taxation 
  • Prior to each 5th April we provide you with a tax saving plan advising you on action to take before 5th April to minimise your personal tax liabilities.  
  • Throughout the year on an ongoing basis we keep you informed of opportunities to reduce your company and personal taxation liabilities  
  • Provide you with pension, insurance and investment advice and the opportunities to obtain tax relief thereon  
  • Ensure that the taxation position of your personal and business affairs are co-ordinated in a tax effective way. This includes remuneration and benefit planning, car reviews etc.  
  • Advice on how to structure your capital assets, such as properties and shares in your business, to minimise Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax  
  • Advice on VAT planning  
  • Advice for groups of companies on how to take advantage of beneficial group arrangements  
  • Remuneration and benefits planning for directors and employees
  • Taxation investigations by H M Revenue & Customs, including negotiation with Special Compliance