Jeremy Leboff

Following a successful managerial career in the leisure retail sector Jeremy qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant. As a result, he brings first-hand commercial experience to his professional work.

Jeremy says he feels like one of life's lucky people, enjoying his work and the challenges it brings. His analytical approach also enables him to undertake complex investigations and prepare reports for company and personal disputes, including asset tracing assignments. He also advises clients on contractual disputes and consequential loss claims.

As a XERO certified partner Jeremy embraces the challenges and changes occurring in the accountancy profession. He enjoys the opportunity to introduce streamlined accounting systems to his clients, in doing so a world of opportunities is opened up for every business.

Having an operational business background and forensic skills helps him build robust accounts systems for businesses of all sizes. Jeremy has a finely tuned sense of emotional intelligence and an understanding that behind every business there are real people, with dreams, ambitions and challenges, this has allowed him the insight to facilitate strategic development processes in the health sector and a variety of other businesses.

Jeremy is married with two children and is an enthusiastic family man.