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A great way to improve your client service levels is to create your own client service commitment. This is a written document that details the service levels your clients should expect from your firm.  It will increase firm-wide accountability and give existing and potential clients confidence in your ability to provide high levels of service.  This will result in better client retention and increase your conversion rate for new clients.  Below is an example of our own Client Service Commitment at Sobell Rhodes. We reinforce this every week at our Monday morning firm-wide “Awesome” meetings.

  1. We will always act with integrity, courtesy and openness in everything we do for and with you.
  2. We will be proactive in adding value to your business and improving your financial situation.
  3. We will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  4. We will return your telephone calls within one day.
  5. We will meet the deadlines we agree with you (or, very unusually, if there are any reasons outside of our control that prevent us from doing so, we will let you know well in advance).
  6. We will always tell you in advance the fee or basis of our fee for any assignment.

Other important points to consider when creating your own Client Service Commitment include:

  • Involve your team in creating your Client Service Commitment and what you all believe will be most important in delivering exceptional client service.
  • Think about what your clients value.
  • Be realistic – don’t make promises you will not be able to keep.
  • Regularly reinforce your service commitment with all of your team.
  • Use client feedback forms to monitor the levels of client service that you are delivering and seek feedback on how they can be improved.
  • Lastly, make sure that you deliver on the promises you make.

Your client service commitment should be the foundation of how you provide your clients with a WOW experience and will differentiate you from your competitors.

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